The UCSA Youth Leadership Camp is a week long residential youth program held during the summer where a diverse group of high school students come together to learn, share, and explore what each of them brings to their community while enhancing leadership and communication skills. Through dialogue sessions and workshops the participants learn to better understand and respect themselves and others.

It is a very unique experience that helps participants recognize their own perceptions, biases, and prejudices while demonstrating how to go beyond their misconceptions to build meaningful and lasting friendships. UCSA teaches tolerance and lays the foundation of understanding and respect.

Participants develop personal and leadership skills necessary to help resolve individual, family, and group human relation conflicts.

The goal of UCSA is to foster a safe environment in which education, dialogue, and interaction among the participants results in increased self-esteem, mutual respect, and commitment to reducing oppression as they live in and contribute to an inclusive community.

Diversity is a unique American richness and source of strength

 - we must all learn about diversity so that we can work together on the civic issues that transcend our differences.


UCSA works to provide opportunities for young people to develop leadership skills and action plans to confront issues that divide their homes, schools, and communities in which they can implement with the ongoing support of UCSA. 

An example of the ongoing support provided them by UCSA is the UCSA Youth Advisory Council.


  • self-esteem
  • family and peer relations
  • communication skills
  • you and your community
  • male/ female role perceptions
  • values

  • leadership
  • stress reduction
  • racial understanding
  • cultural awareness and appreciation
  • conflict resolution
  • bullying and what to do

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