UCSA has developed a rich, distinguished history of service working to enhance inclusivity, respect, and justice in our community with an emphasis working with community leaders, supporting educators, empowering youth and fostering development of future leaders. It is the intent of UCSA to make available a means to help the dialogue that is indispensable to the multi-cultural learning process, to reach out, understand, and respect the different cultural styles of our increasingly diverse region.

Portfolio of Services:

 Advocacy Work 

  •  Collaborations with both Elected and/or Appointed Individuals and staff to be called upon and/or utilized to act as a resource in hearings, meetings, sessions, etc. 

 Awareness Engagements 

  •  Speaker availability at Conferences, Panels, Seminars, Workshops, etc. 

 Community Outreach 

  •  Participation in Alliances, Councils, Commissions, Festivals, etc. 

 Dialogue Initiatives  

  •  Sessions of intermediary work via participation and/or facilitation performance with individuals focused on understanding, respect, and resolution. 

 Diversity Training (Adult) 

  •  A community-based program that provides adults an opportunity to focus on clarifying their values, conflict resolution, management, understanding diversity, cultural appreciation, and effective cross-cultural communication skills 

 Educational Outreach 

  •  Working with educational entities and support organizations to play a collaborative role resulting in overall student development 

 Emergency Resource Availability 

  •  Emergency preparedness in a real time fashion to respond to current events by reaching out to involved and/or affected communities to obtain additional information, listen to concerns, and assess how UCSA can help via implementation of a plan to address both short term and potential long-lasting impacts 

 Lawmaking/Legislative Policy Analysis 

  •  Research and Analysis of proposed laws and legislation with focus centered around equal opportunity and equal access 

 Social Justice Initiatives 

  •  Awareness of initiatives, willingness to collaborate, and hope to focus on education of both activist and non-activist organizations to ensure best available information is presented to all sides with a genuine objective/goal of equality 

 Programming (Youth)

     Programs at Elementary, Middle, High School, and College/University Levels:

  •  Bullying Awareness & What to Do 
  •  Conflict Resolution Training 
  •  Dialogue Training 
  •  How to Get Along with Others 
  •  Understanding & Appreciating Our Differences 
  •  United Communities City-Wide Youth Program