The UCSA mission is more timely than ever . . .

You've heard the news about bullying, discrimination, and violence in our schools and community.

UCSA promotes understanding and respect among all races, religions, and cultures through advocacy, conflict resolution, and education.

Only through unified community efforts will we be able to overcome the forces of miscommunication, hatred, prejudice, exclusion, and discord to create whole, safe, inclusive and just communities.

Our Vision:

Make our community safe and inclusive for all

Our Goal:

Take a stand against bullying, bias, bigotry, prejudice, racism, and discrimination in all of its forms

Our Work:

To advocate for social justice and equality for all through education and empowerment

We believe that our work must focus on the multiple manifestations of discrimination and oppression that are based on one's religion, race, gender, sexual orientation, socio-economic, social class, age, and mental/physical ability – the spectrum of all human differences. UCSA builds on the leadership skills with whom it works with so that each one is better equipped to make our community safe, just and inclusive.

UCSA addresses diversity in all its forms and opens the doors to dialogue across individual and group lines so that a foundation of commonality and respect is built. This foundation serves as the springboard to understanding our community so conflicts may be avoided or resolved so that harmony and respect serve as the norm and not the exception.