UCSA conducts dialogues and programs throughout our community for everyone. Represented at these dialogues, programs, and workshops are students, counselors, faculty, administrators, business executives, employees, community groups, and leaders. Below are a few of the comments compiled from our evaluation sheets, specifically from the youth, post program sessions. 

“This program is a true demonstration of powerful sharing and dialogue at its best. It enables student and staff alike to become a true family geared to support each other on every level. What a great program/support for students and staff.”

– Dr. Nash, Consultant


“This program is great, 3 things I will now do after participating in this program: be nice, stop other kids from being mean to each other and stop being mean.’ 

- Isaac

“I learned to help others more; be more active in my family and be a better role model to my siblings. I feel this program can and will help many.”

– Janet


“I learned how to manage my anger, think more about others and be nicer to my siblings. I feel this program helped me understand more about bullying.” 

“I feel that even though it makes me think about stuff I try to forget. All I can say is that it helped me let out some of my sadness and tears. It is very real and genuine. I appreciated it very much.” 

– Mariah

“It gave me a good point of view on what people go through when they are bullied. I’ll be the bigger person and stand up to bullying and prevent bullying from happening.” 


“I learned to stand up for myself. I think it’s a great program so that people will know the dangers of bullying.” 

– Isabella

“I feel that it can help others and prevent people from making mistakes (bullying, cutting, suicide). I will walk with my head up high (I now have more confidence). I will be honest with how I feel and ask others how they feel.” 

- Zoe