We have compiled a few of the comments from our recent youth leadership camp evaluation sheets. We thank you for your continued support. It is through community support that we are able to continue this life altering programming.

UCSA Youth Leadership Camp

“As soon as I got on the bus, I just thought to myself “it’s just gonna be another leadership camp” but no, camp UCSA showed me what’s happening in our world today, and how kids are being bullied, and how racism is getting out of control, and what it is leading to. What I learned is that we shouldn’t hurt to be who we are, to be who I am, and I learned that I have a voice, and that I can be that leader to help change lives and help those in need. Camp UCSA gave me the hope that I thought I would never find after everything I’ve been through. It was a place and time where I could be me, and not be afraid, it brought me close to people to where we started off as strangers and now we are one team, one community, one family. And even though what I’ve been through along with many others, this program helped me get rid of all that pain, sadness and hate I had inside me, it made me take off the mask of who I am not.”

“This camp was not a place where they gave out repetitive rules for success or how to easily make six figures annually. I came with the intention of just getting away from home. This program has enlightened me about myself. There are people who try to promote change and I will now join with them. Reading books was my real world, I didn’t want to face life, I hid from the world. I will now do what I can, this camp is change, it’s a new beginning.”

“I was never one to care but this camp opened my eyes. If this camp was able to bring out who I really am I feel it can bring that out in all of our youth. I was angry and depressed. If our youth does not get the support and help we need our future is trashed. I want to create change. UCSA has changed me, let it be the start of a new future, a bright future.”

“This camp helped me become a better person. I found myself. It is a life changing program and very effective. I learned to appreciate my parents something that I took for granted. It is an eye-opening program.”

“UCSA and this leadership camp have impacted and changed my life. At first I was scared and did not want to be here. There were days I wanted to leave and give up but I would think to myself that like Maudie says, “trust the process.” I was finally able to trust and confide in people. I was able to feel this sudden confidence in myself because I felt I could do anything. I learned that I have to be more aware of things around me but also things that go on in our world.”

“This UCSA camp is a life changing experience. I was able to educate others about my Jewish culture. Thank you so much for allowing me to participate in a unique leadership camp that works on educating us on relevant issues, healing ourselves and growing into individual leaders with one common goal. I had so much hurt I was carrying around and now that I’ve gotten it off my chest, I can move forward as a stronger leader.”

“I can’t put into words how much this camp has changed my life. I feel like every person in this camp is my family. If this camp didn’t exist, there wouldn’t be a full understanding of yourself and others. This camp gave me hope for our future. UCSA changes lives, can change the future and make a difference in our world.”

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