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Welcome & Mission

United Communities of San Antonio 

(founded in San Antonio in 1954 as The National Conference of Christians and Jews)



UCSA promotes understanding and respect in order to eliminate bullying, prejudice and racism.

You've heard the news about bullying, discrimination and violence in our schools and community.

The UCSA mission is more timely than ever...

UCSA promotes understanding and respect among all races, religions and cultures through advocacy, conflict resoulation and education.

Only through unified community efforts will we be able to overcome the forces of miscommunication, hatred, prejudice, exclusion and discord to create whole, safe, inclusive and just communities.



History of UCSA
United Communities of San Antonio (UCSA) established in 1954 as The National Conference of Christians and Jews, and well known in San Antonio as early as the 1920's, has been responding to the schisms and fears evoked by acts of hatred.  UCSA is an organization dedicated to fighting bias, bigotry and racism.  Believing that reaching our children is our best hope for the future, our major emphasis is on programs for youth and educators.

UCSA is dedicated to making available a means to help the dialogue process that is indispensable to the multi-cultural learning process; to empower individuals to reach out, understand and respect the different cultural styles of our increasingly diverse community.
Vision, Goal & Work
Our Vision:
Make our community a better place for all of us

Our Goal:
To fight bias, bigotry, racism and bullying all its forms

Our Work:
To transform our community by empowering future leaders

We believe that our work must focus on the multiple manifestations of discrimination and oppression that are based on one's religion, race, gender, sexual orientation, socio-economic, social class, age, and mental/physical ability. UCSA builds on the leadership skills with whom it works with so that each one is better equipped to make our community safe, just and inclusive.

Diversity is more than just race and gender: it is also culture, religion, socio-economic, age, physical ability, sexual orientation--the spectrum of all human differences. Our programs address these issues using techniques and practices which draw on the experiences and perspective of participants.

UCSA addresses diversity in all its forms and opens the doors to dialogue across individual and group lines so that a foundation of commonality and respect is built. This foundation serves as the springboard to understanding our community so conflicts may be avoided or resolved so that harmony and respect serve as the norm and not the exception.

UCSA Art Contest

UCSA is sponsoring a
Creative Arts Contest
for high school and middle school students.

High School Students -
Please Click Here

Middle School Students -
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Submissions are due to the point of contact for your school by Friday, December 14, 2012.

For any additional questions, please call the UCSA office at (210)-229-1991.

Take a look at last year's winners!

  • Because individuals still suffer from bullying, exclusion, hatred, harassment and violence
  • Because hatred's voice is loud on the internet and hate crimes are increasing
  • Becuase stereotyping and bias still influence words, actions and daily practices
  • Because our community is becoming more diverse, we must strengthen inter-group relations
  • Because we believe in the promise of America
Did you know...? Minimize

Texas is the #2 state in the country with the most organized hate groups.

San Antonio is the #2 city in Texas with the most reported hate crimes.
Six out of ten American teens witness bullying school at least once a day.
46% of young people have been hit, shoved, kicked or tripped at least once in the past month. Almost two in five (37%) report that they have carried out this behavior.
Two-thirds (66%) of young people have been teased or gossiped about in a mean way at least once in the past month.


Are you a former participant of UCSA, formerly known as NCCJ, programming?

Did you ever participate in NCCJ programming in San Antonio in any capacity?

UCSA is trying to build a database of former program beneficiaries, alumni, staff, Board, or any individual connected with the
organization both past and present.

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